Defying the

The Rainforest is Saab’s accelerator and lung for transformative innovation. Like the real rainforest we strive to be a diverse ecosystem where collaboration is vital, working closely together to pioneer new technology and markets that will revolutionize the world.

We keep people and society safe

Our visions:

  • To create both civil and military disruptive product concepts that will revolutionize the world, create new market segments and help keep people and society safe.
  • To not only develop disruptive technology but also develop disruptive methodologies that will help Saab Group as a whole to become drastically more efficient.
  • To become the number one desirable employer for talents in Sweden and a world-famous success factory.


We embark on expeditions to create concepts and minimum viable products, always focusing on creating real-world prototypes ready to be used and tested by customers. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but we always learn.

When developing novel business cases, markets and technologies it is difficult to be precise when it comes to the exact product that will emerge, which will often iteratively emerge over time by continuously evaluating usability. We do not believe in lengthy requirements list and abstract pre-studies, which is the norm in most of the defense business. Instead our whole organization is optimized for the Build-Measure-Learn Loop from the book The Lean Startup. We iterate rapidly, continuously demo and let relevant stakeholders test our concepts.

Our way

In the Rainforest we believe in belonging with a purpose. That each and every one of us can, and will, make a change. We are kind-hearted souls, curious of what the future beholds, dedicated to define the technological solutions of tomorrow. We also love diversity in every way and are strong believers that diversity drives transformation and innovation.

The priorities in The Rainforest are simple:

The priorities in The Rainforest are simple:

Walk the walk over talk the talk.
Trust people over relying on process.
Long-term success over short-term solutions.
Build super teams over heroes flying solo.
90% in a day over 99% in a year.

A guide to the Rainforest-Lingo:
Projects – Expeditions Processes – Dreamflows! Definition of Done – Definition of Awesome! Code of Conduct – Survival Guide 

Who we are

Meet some of us who work in The Rainforest!

  • Name: Axel Bååthe
  • Role: Head of The Rainforest
  • Favorite Rainforest-animal: Amazon River Dolphins
  • Rainforest Expedition Stereotype: The annoying person who is still positive five hours into a very tough trek even though everyone is drenched in sweat and mosquito bites.
  • Name: Fredrik Carlsson
  • Role: Senior Vehicle System Engineer
  • Favorite Rainforest-animal: Armadillo
  • Rainforest Expedition Stereotype: The sensible person who actually checks if there are piranhas in the river before taking a swim under a waterfall.
  • Name: Sara Hansson
  • Role: The Rainforest co-founder & Survival Guide author.
  • Favorite Rainforest-animal: Baloo
  • Rainforest Expedition Stereotype: The energetic person who randomly starts singing as soon as the campfire is lit.

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